reisearchEurope is faced with great challenges that threaten citizens’ access to essential societal needs – rising chronic diseases, over-burdened welfare systems and declining public budgets, digital exclusion, unemployment and under-employment, stretched education systems, as well as depleting non-renewable energy resources, rising air pollution, and unnatural climate change.

To facilitate the role of science in addressing these challenges, Atomium – European Institute for Science, Media and Democracy (EISMD) has created REIsearch, an online platform to access, exchange, and co-create scientific knowledge. REIsearch is funded by the European Parliament and European Commission.

The REIsearch platform connects a multi-stakeholder network of 26 universities, over 100,000 researchers, over one million students, 17 newspapers with 10 million European readers per day, and some of the most important businesses in Europe with a total turnover of €720 billion.

PlusValue was sub-contracted by EISMD to project manage the Citizen Engagement and Media Campaign on Chronic Diseases that ran in February and March 2016 for the launch of REIsearch. We are now a knowledge partner for the second phase of the project, which focuses on Next Generation Internet.

Our Added Value

PlusValue delivered a comprehensive range of project management, research, and communication services including:

  • Multi-stakeholder research management (Scientific Committee, Editorial Committee, European Commission)
  • Research design (online questionnaires, stakeholder engagement)
  • Content production and editing (state-of-play articles on campaign sub-topics)
  • Coordination of social media campaign with international media partners
  • Press packs
  • Supervision of graphic work
  • Policy report
  • Technical report
  • International conference to disseminate project processes and outcomes (Brussels, 26-27 April 2016)
  • Project assessment and review, led by European Commission.


The outcomes of the Citizen Engagement and Media Campaign for the launch of REIsearch include:

  1. Engaging Citizens
  • 60,000 citizens visited the REIsearch platform
  • 17,205 citizens participated in the polls (12% researchers)
  • 1,650 searches performed to download available materials
  • 46 posts on the forum and over 1,388 comments on media partners websites
  • 15,000 people reached through REIsearch’s social media camapign, 474 liked the campaign facebook page and REIsearch tweets, 3,000 followers, a total of 90,700 impressions, and REISearch Twitter profile visited a 4,055 times.
  1. Engaging Researcher Organisations and Researchers
  • 44 organisations engaged in the REIsearch project, representing all target audiences (researchers, policymakers, and citizens)
  • Participating organisations showed a high level of engagement and willingness to support REIsearch activities in the future (95%)
  • 9 newspapers and 1 scientific webzine engaged, with a total reach of nearly 9 million readers, publishing 57 articles in 7 EU languages.
  • Involvement of key knowledge and business partners, with a network reach of over 2 million researchers
  1. Engaging Policymakers
  • Outcomes of the REIsearch project presented to over 50 policymakers in Brussels
  • 15 Members of European Parliament involved in the REIsearch Policy Group

The full REIsearch project report on chronic diseases is available online here.

For more information please contact Fiorenza (email).

REIsearch in the News

What role do you believe the internet plays in Europe’s future?

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