PlusValue provides original, bespoke solutions to one of the main challenges of our time: creating new models for common goods. These include public health, education, sustainable development, and cooperation. Our service offering is knowledge-driven and unique depending on our clients’ needs.

Our services include:

Social Impact Strategy

We provide advice on social impact strategy, impact mapping, stakeholder engagement, and impact assessment.

Impact Funding

We assist our clients in identifying impact investors and engaging them for funding in general or for specific projects.

Capacity Building

We assist clients in building internal capacity to be able to include social impact in their business strategy.


team member


Social innovation expert and ambitious changemaker with a view for a greater, more innovative global society.

Filippo Addarii
founder & ceo
team member


Research powerhouse seeking change through a deep understanding of the models impacting social systems.

Fiorenza Lipparini
founder & Director of Research
team member


Coordinator extraordinaire, fitting all the pieces of the team together so we run like a well-oiled machine.

Luisa De Amicis
Partner & Chief Operating Officer
team member


Champion of socially-minded and innovative models of entrepreneurship.

Joshua Phillips
Research & innovation
team member


Advocate for a strong tech-driven approach to communications and engagement.

Catherine Hughes
team member


Advocate for new approaches to business development and growth.

Camilla Ravazzolo
Growth & relationship management