The PlusValue Fellowship’s purpose is to establish a trusted network of partners who we know or have worked with on a personal level and whose interests align with our goals as a company. Fellows are invited to propose ideas, projects, and new contacts within the scope of our shared mission, as well as partner with us on a project-by-project basis in order to best realise our mutual goals.

Stephen Benians

"I have a passion for projects that align innovation, culture, reputation and smart investment, to build the inclusive economies of tomorrow whose vision pays dividends today."

Stephen is an expert in innovation management. He has designed projects for social enterprise training, creative hubs and new business models for sustainable energy. He studied Innovation Management, Political science and Strategic Marketing.

Paola Bergamaschi

Paola has more than 25 years senior management experience in capital markets in the City of London (Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, State Street). Paola began her career in investor relations in Milan where she was Head of Investor Relations for the Montedison Group, a multibillion listed conglomerate.

Since 2014 Paola has developed a portfolio of non executive positions. She is currently on the board of ARCA Fondi SGR in Milan (a 30bn asset management group) and a member of the Advisory Board for the internationalization of Banca Prossima, the largest bank in Europe focused on the social sector with a 3bneuros dedicated loan book. Paola also serves on the Board of NumbersforGood (a UK financial intermediary focused on social enterprises) and she is a Trustee of the UK charity Fareshare. Paola is an investor in impact companies in Italy and the UK.

She graduated summa cum laude from Bocconi University in Milan where she studied economics. Paola lives in London and is married with two children.

Guido Caldarelli

"I believe that to understand this new world, we need new instruments and new competences. PlusValue and its fellows represent the best company around to create these instruments and to develop such competences. It’s a great honour for me to join my colleagues there."

Guido Caldarelli is Full Professor in Theoretical Physics at the Italian graduate school IMT Lucca where he coordinates the Networks Unit ( He received his Ph.D. from International School of Advanced studies in Trieste, after which he was a postdoc in University of Manchester and University of Cambridge. He is an expert of Complex Networks, a topic on which he published 3 books by Oxford University Press and coordinated two European Projects. Author of more than 150 scientific peer-reviewed papers he is one of the founders of the Network Science Society and he is currently vice-president of the Complex Systems Society. More information and a complete CV are available at:

Matteo Cerri

"I have a passion for projects that align innovation, culture, reputation and smart investment, to build the inclusive economies of tomorrow whose vision pays dividends today."

Born in Milan in 1974, graduated in Business Administration at Universita’ Bocconi Milan, specialising in an unusual combination of Insurance and Non Profit Sector. Moved to London in 1996 and worked as Corporate Finance Executive at Cowell & Partners (former Mapfre Securities). In the same year, in partnership with his father Franco, founded the first Italian Risk Management Consultancy Firm devoted to NPOs. Published various books and articles on the subject of Risk Management for Non Profit and Institutions, as well as holding seminars and lectures. In 1999 founded, in London, Shield Risk Management Ltd, the first company of the Group. In the same period, became one of the co-founders of Shield & Co. Merrill Lynch Bank & Trust, a multi-family office run under the umbrella of the American bank. Subsequently achieved an LLM focusing on inheritance matters within family groups. Briefly moved back to Italy in 2004 to take over the advisory services business of the multi-family office and created the present The Family Officer Group as a spin-off (2006) of the advisory services of Shield Group. Presently acts as CEO of the international activities of the Group, which is now recognised among the most important family offices of Italian origin, with over 140 associates and representative offices in more than 20 countries worldwide. Over the years the Group has broadened its scope and now its interests in the insurance, property, entertainment and food & beverage industries, run alongside its more traditional professional services. Matteo holds an executive role in various companies of the Group and sits on the board of some holdings and charities foundedby client families in different jurisdictions. In December 2014 the Group announced the foundation of i2i – Italians to Italians. A venture capital firm investing in companies led by Italians abroad. In one year i2i has become one of the leading companies backing Italian start-ups in the UK, USA and Italy with over 40 investments.

Nihel Chabrak

"I have a passion for projects that align innovation, culture, reputation and smart investment, to build the inclusive economies of tomorrow whose vision pays dividends today."

Prof. Nihel Chabrak is the Programs Director at UAEU Science & Innovation Park. She is Professor of Accounting at the College of Business and Economics. She was Assistant then Associate Professor at Institut Mines Telecom, France (2002-2011). She was consultant in Business & IT in France.Prof. Chabrak is the GEM UAE national team leader. She is the Chair of UAEU Committee for Dubai Expo 2020. She was the coordinator of Paris Dauphine University (France) and FINEC (Russia) Master Program “Finance, Control & Risks”. She was the coordinator of the European Project “Tempus-Meda” (2007-2010) to create a Master Program on “Entrepreneurship and Innovative Projects”, an incubator and an entrepreneurship national competition in Tunisia. She is currently teaching a Stanford preeminent course on Entrepreneurship & Innovation, at UAEU. She took up several visiting positions: University of Wisconsin, USA; University of Canterbury, New Zealand; Deakin University, and University of South Australia, Australia. She has been publishing and serving in international journals editorial boards. She is the co-founder and organizer of the International CSAF Conference (Tunisia, 2009; the UAE, 2013).

Matteo Colombo

"As a fellow I’m interested in seeding sustainable technology projects."

Matteo Colombo is the founder of He helps entrepreneurs in the development of research projects for the innovation of products, processes and services.

Giulio Coppi

"Proud to know the PlusValue team, and always ready to take up any challenge with them."

Giulio is the Humanitarian Innovation manager at Fordham University and CEO of Open Focus, Inc. Previously manager and consultant with the International Peace Institute, the UN, the International Committee of the Red Cross and OECD.

Chris Dadson

"I am keen to explore ways of collaborating with PlusValue that bring together SIB’s deep experience of catalysing social investment and building sustainable infrastructure for impact, while leveraging on PlusValue’s network and ethos of learning through doing."

Chris is the Head of Business Development for Social Investment Business, and is responsible for new product and service development at SIB. Chris was previously a Senior Policy Adviser in the UK Cabinet Office, where he worked on some of the biggest impact investment infrastructure projects in the UK, including the creation of Big Society Capital and the highly successful Investment and Contract Readiness Fund. He received his MA in English Literature from Cambridge University and a Masters in Latin American Studies from the Institute for the Study of the Americas, University of London.

Lieve Fransen

"My personal interest in joining the Fellowship is to provide expertise with policy, networks and institutions and to engage with various projects in the health and socio-development field."

Dr Lieve Fransen is a medical doctor specialized in global public health and social policies worldwide. She has a PhD in social policies. Lieve has a considerable experience with social investment and innovation, pensions, health, gender and wellbeing. She worked as a Medical Doctor and clinical and public health researcher in the developing world and in Europe. Dr Fransen has had a distinguished career in international public health, which includes a role as Public Health Advisor to the Ministry of Health in Mozambique, Kenya, Rwanda and the Cape Verde Islands. In addition to this, Dr Fransen was director of a research program on pregnant women and new-born babies in Rwanda and of a research program on sexual and reproductive health in Kenya and at the Tropical Institute in Antwerp. She founded the Global fund for HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB and was member of the founding Board and later the co-chair of the Board of the Global Fund. She is a well-recognized policy maker at senior management level in the departments for Development, Trade and External relations, Communication and Political Reporting and in the directorate for social affairs and Employment in the European Commission for 23 years and is very acknowledgeable of the European institutions. She was the director for Social Policy and the European strategy for 2020 and the European semester in the European Commission. She is currently a senior policy advisor for several international organizations and member of a range of Boards and organisations.

Salvatore Iaconesi

Salvatore is an interaction designer, robotics engineer, artist, hacker. TED Fellow 2012, Eisenhower Fellow since 2013 and Yale World Fellow 2014. He teaches Near Future Design and Multi Platform Digital Design at ISIA Design Florence and, in the past, at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, at the Rome University of Fine Arts and at the IED Design institute. Salvatore has founded AOS in 2004, is President at HER (previously HE), and co-founder at Nefula. His focus is at the intersection of Arts, Design, Technologies, Sciences and Business. He creates projects that are at the same time artworks, scientific research and business models, addressing fundamental issues in culture, inclusion, human rights, economy and access to knowledge and education.

Csaba Kucsera

"I am happy to join PlusValue as a Fellow, and contribute to its capacities in supporting improved social impacts, and fairer business strategies and public policies."

Csaba holds a PhD in Sociology and has a vast experience in social research with a firm empirical background and familiarity with qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods research methodologies. As a researcher and a consultant he has been working in both the academic / basic science field (social gerontology, transition to democracy and market economy) and in applied research (public opinion research, market research, science for policy). His main field of interest is the demographic change, the challenges and opportunities this means for societies, and the use of information and communication technologies in this context. His research- and consulting activities covers the use of ICTs in supporting the quality of life of deprived social groups (e.g. older people), and the improvement and personalisation of social services by the means of ICT-based solutions, including the assessment of economic and social returns on investment of such solutions. Csaba has worked until recently for the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, earlier at the Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and as a lecturer at various universities. He earned both his MA and PhD in sociology at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary.

Robert Madelin

Robert Madelin is an independent strategy adviser and Director of Madelin Innovation sprl, with a long public service past. English-born with Welsh roots, Robert studied at Magdalen College, Oxford and at the French Civil Service College (ENA). He maintains affiliations with Oxford, as Visiting Fellow, as well as at the Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy. He holds an Honorary Doctorate from Edinburgh University and is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London. He is an active member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Councils, focussing on behavioural sciences and on health, and an adviser to the European Health Forum Gastein. Robert joined the British Civil Service from University and served in the European Commission from 1993 to 2016, the last 12 years in senior leadership roles. Robert is the author of ‘Opportunity Now: Europe’s mission to innovate’ (2016).

Laura Martelloni

"I believe PlusValue’s Fellowship is a great opportunity to create an international, multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder think tank able to design new methods for the creation and delivery of common goods."

Laura Martelloni is Head of the Project Design & Management Unit in LAMA since 2015, where she mainly develops research and innovation projects in thematic areas such as social innovation, collaborative economy, ecosystems of innovation and complex systems. She has 10 years of experience in designing and coordinating large-scale projects at regional, national and european level, working as a consultant for Consortia of social cooperatives, associations, NGOs and Universities. In 2013 she co-founded Impact HUB Florence, and she is part of the Board of Directors. She holds a Master in European Studies at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Jeremy Millard

"It is a privilege to become a Fellow of PlusValue, thereby both supporting and being involved in its highly important activities, the goals and vision to which the company is dedicated, and the expertise and integrity it applies to work"

Jeremy Millard has over forty years’ experience working with governments, development agencies, and private and civil sectors in all parts of the world, whilst retaining his long established academic roles at both UK and Danish universities. His current work ranges from social, inclusive and open innovation, harnessing innovations with nature, and linking the SDGs to city development, through to public service innovations, issues around good governance, digital governance, the maker movement, the so-called fourth industrial revolution, as well as smart green cities. His on-going clients include the EC, the UN, the OECD and the World Bank. His recent assignments encompass developing e-participation road maps for Western Balkan countries, advising the Georgian government on their e-Georgia strategy, developing both theoretical and concrete policy responses for social innovation in support of poverty reduction and sustainable development, co-authoring a knowledge societies policy handbook for UNESCO, and supporting the EC in developing H2020 work programmes for 2018-20. He is also an active reviewer and evaluator of research proposals for funding bodies, including the EC and the Finnish Strategic Research Council, and regularly runs training courses and workshops on the above, as well as for students on scientific methods and research procedures.

Raffaello Morales

"I am delighted to join the Fellowship since PlusValue represents a unique best practice in the attempt to acknowledge social good as the most valuable of all assets."

Raffaello Morales is Associate in the Currency and Emerging Markets Risk Management team at JP Morgan Chase where he risk manages the derivative portfolio of the market making business. He holds a BSc in Pysics from the University of Rome La Sapienza, a MSc in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London and PhD in Applied Mathematics from King’s College London, where he studied the properties of portfolios of correlated equity prices in the framework of a complex system. He is partner of RestArt, a start-up recently founded to enhance the outreach of the artistic heritage in the civil society and development strategist for Finance Matters, a company which aims at developing a strong community of people interested in sustainable finance. His interests span from economics to history, from practical philosophy to music. He holds a diploma in Piano from the Conversatory of L’Aquila A.Casella and has studied music to a professional level since his teenage. He has recently founded an orchestra within JP Morgan Chase which brings together employees with other amateur musicians from the most different industries.

Paolo Nardi

"Good innovations require at least two conditions: experience of international best practices to stimulate your mind and an enthusiastic network of people to share and develop ideas. PlusValue can give me both."

International Affairs Officer and Coordinator of Cometa Research at Cometa (IT). Researcher at Università Bocconi and assistant editor of the Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment Journal.

Oriana Persico

Oriana holds a degree in Communication Sciences, is an expert in participatory policies and digital inclusion. She is an artist and writer. She has worked together with national governments and the European Union to the creation of best practices, standards and researches in the areas of digital rights, social and technological innovation, Digital Business Ecosystems (DBE), practices for participation and knowledge sharing. Oriana writes critical, scientific, philosophical and poetical texts that connects to technological innovation, and on its cultural, sociological, economic and political impacts. She is an expert on the formal analysis of cultural and social trends, with specific focus on social networks. She creates breakthrough communication campaigns, performances, research methodologies and strategies.

Miquel de Paladella

Miquel de Paladella is the founder and CEO of UpSocial, an organisation specialised in implementing and scaling innovative solutions to social problems. He also leads InnEdu, the first spin off UpSocial focused on implementing education innovations such as JUMP Math in Spain and Latin America. Miquel is a social entrepreneur and professor of innovation at the University of Barcelona and at ESADE Institute for Social Innovation. Previously, Miquel has worked for Ashoka, UNICEF, the Global Movement for Children, Plan International and the Society for International Development.

Francesco Pozzobon

Francesco Pozzobon is an impact investing strategist and social innovation influencer. Currently providing my consulting services to LendLease and TIRESIA – Technology and Innovation Research on Social ImpAct, Politecnico di Milano. 15 year of experience in management and business development across profit and non-profit sector. 2 years as Advocacy & Impact Investing Director for ItaliaCamp Group, managing the process by which private – public entities and citizens contribute to innovative solutions on relevant issues to the country to generate a social and economic benefit. 7 Years as Country Manager Italy for Lennox International managing the startup of the italian branch. 5 years experience as Manager in the first pilote of venture philanthropy foundation in Italy (Dynamo Foundation and DynamoCamp) Delegate to: the G20 InnovationHub, Brisbane (AUS) during G20 Brisbane in 2014; the Global Summit on Social Entrepreneurship at the World Economic Forum & Schwab Foundation in Sao Paolo, Brasil in 2004; the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship in Oxford in 2003.

Ivan Rubio

Currently, Ivan is the founder & general partner of openwatts ventures and is involved in other projects related to the future of entrepreneurship. With over 15 years of Global management experience, Ivan led previously the team that built Canadian Solar’s business in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Before Canadian Solar, Ivan set up a start-up venture in Japan serving large industrial groups like JX Nippon Oil & Energy, Meidensha and MSK (currently Suntech) to access the European solar market. Before his solar photovoltaics career, Ivan was a founding member of a spin-off venture of Hewlett-Packard developing global pay-per-use technology solutions and worked both in United States and Europe.

Alain Ruche

A retired senior EU official, he started with UN and WB, followed with three decades posted in Latin America, Asia and Africa for the EU (several positions : EU representative, also political, trade, development, regional, information, culture, security, gender issues). His last assignment (5 years) was senior adviser to the Secretary General of the EU External Service (EEAS, Brussels). His areas of expertise include policymaking with experience in many sector/topics; complexity approach and international relations; emerging paradigms (i.e. P2P, social entrepreneurship), sensemaking; radical and disruptive developments (black swans, social innovation); collective intelligence; experimentation, in particular with the arts; holistic approach and global worldview (with focus on Asia); all aspects of development and humanitarian aid; new trends in private sector development; culture, in particular the role of artists; the Commons; EU procedures, including all aspects of project preparation, implementation, evaluation (ex ante, ongoing, ex post, bids, etc.); outreach of cognitive sciences, spirituality for today’s challenges.

Alberto Savoldelli

"My personal interest in a fellowship with Plus Value Team Members is because of sharing knowledge and experiences in the impact evaluation fields of applied research is one of the most important way to provide valuable contribution for the growth of public and private organizations."

Prof. Alberto Savoldelli lives in Italy. He was contracting Professor of Economy and Business Management at the Managerial Engineering Department of the Politecnico di Milano and Director of Training courses in Innovation and Management at MIP, the Business School of Politecnico di Milano. Main research activities range from innovation and change management, Impact evaluation and complex systems modelling and simulation. He is now a senior consultant at Fair Dynamics Consulting. He acts as an advisor to Italian and foreign consultancy companies on projects focusing on Impact assessment and evaluation, knowledge management, business process changes and performance measurement. He is author of several books and publications in scientific journals and conferences. Alberto is an Italian native speaker and he is able to work and interact in English.

Antonio Scarponi

Antonio Scarponi is an architect. He draws like an artist, thinks like a designer and dreams like a poet. For him, design is a form of love. He conceives design as a form of tangible love narratives which he calls devices: strategic tools that can take different shapes and scales and establish a love relationship between people and things. He is the founder of the Zurich-based practice Conceptual Devices ( He studied architecture at the Cooper Union, New York, and at IUAV, Venice, from which he holds a Ph.D. in urban design. He is the recipient of the social innovation design Prize “Curry Stone” 2008. He is also the Co-Founder of TANTOOO, a beanbag chair where to read and write fairytales ( and author of ELIOOO, an instruction manual about “how to go to Ikea and grow food in your apartment” ( He tech and lectures in various design school. He represented Italy at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale with a project for an off-grid rural Pavilion, designed for the reactivation of land confiscated from the mafia in the south of Italy.

Michel Stavaux

"Our societies have to reinvent themselves and that will only be possible if a new equilibrium can be found between a reinvented role for the State and new economic policies while maintaining an open culture. PlusValue seems to me to be a valuable actor for that revolution of the mind to be achieved."

I am a lawyer specialised in European Law and Humanitarian Law. I have worked for the European Commission for 37 years, beginning by serving 6 Member States and leaving the E U at 28. Positions included responsibilities with the General Secretariat of the Commission and Cabinets of Vice-Presidents Coppé and Davignon, as well as Head of Unit positions with Direction General Human Resources, Financial Control and Research. I taught European Law and Humanitarian Law principally at the University of Mons-Hainaut in Belgium.

Roger Torrenti

"I’m very happy to join such a network working on key projects for our common future."

Roger Torrenti graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris. His profile in some words : open-minded, high ethical values, innovative, entrepreneur, expert in ICT and international relations, interested in foresight analyses and societal ones.

Nicole Traxler

Being convinced that education is one driver for social change, Nicole heads the ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy offering capacity building programmes for social entreprises and NPOs in the CEE region. Her strong interest in topics like social entrepreneurship and social innovation, as well as her belief in the power of collaboration motivated her to join PlusValue as one of their fellows.

Erika Widegren

Erika Widegren has been working in the field of connecting science, society and policy for over a decade. She is board member of Citizen Communication Platform, a Swedish project to promote stronger communication with citizens, and a member of the committee supporting the work of Luc Van den Brande, Special Adviser to President Jean- Claude Juncker, for the Report on the “Outreach towards Citizen” Strategy. Until September 2016, she was Chairman of the Advisory Board of REIsearch, an innovative non-profit European platform co-funded by the European Commission to demonstrate how a simple technological tool, coupled to a broad network of leading media, research institutions, researchers, civil society organisations, and citizens, can help policy makers to make better use of all knowledge and experience – wherever it may come from – to make better decisions, based on evidence and experience, for the benefit of society as a whole. From 2010 to 2015 she was the Executive Director of Atomium – European Institute for Science, Media and Democracy contributing actively to the development strategy together with the former French President and Honorary President V. Giscard d’Estaing and the President M. Baracchi Bonvicini and worked closely with the European Commission and European Parliament on issues like Science in Society, Responsible Research and Innovation, Digital Science, Evidence-based Policy Making and Citizen Engagement. She is a frequent speaker and moderator at European conferences on these topics including: European Innovation Summit (European Parliament – November 2016), K4I Forum Dinner Debate on “Science Communication: The Value of Evidence in the Digital Age” (European Parliament – October 2016), the 2nd International Network for Government Science Advice Conference on “Science and Policy Making: towards a new dialogue” (European Commission – September 2016), “Workshop on Complexity and Policy” (OECD -September 2016), ESOF 2016 (Manchester – July 2016).

Hamza Zeytinoglu

Hamza is a scientist/ informatics consultant focused on analysis, design and oversight of systems and civic and professional engagement, checking for ethical and sustainable integrity and wellbeing (he’s an MD after all…) in various dimensions of society.